Havasupai Falls – The hike from hell?

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Vlog of the hike to one of many peoples bucket list.

(past hikers) Its a hard 10 mile hike!
(me) Thats not bad.

(past hikers) Don’t pack your back pack to heavy, only bring what you need.
(me) I’m not worried I got this.

(past hikers) The hardest part is walking on the sandy gravel trail.
(me) But its flat ground for 7 miles, I can handle it

……It was harder than I could imagine (coming from out of shape 40 year old)

Plus hiking down the switch backs on loose rock in the dark at the beginning of the trip can be dangerous. Virginia slipped and we thought broke her hand, but we kept going. I carried her pack for a little while so she didn’t fall on her hand again down the switch backs..


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