Family – Dignity Health Gilbert Mercy

It’s not often someone visits a hospital as much as we have in the past few months. But the care and attention the staff here is the best I have ever encountered.

The nurses are always close by when you have a question, they are always helping and adjusting, feeding and cleaning, doing all the things that need done. No matter how trying or messy it seems.

The Drs, well they come in on some kind of rotation, some we miss and don’t know they where there. Others take a second to write their thought since my mom can’t hear. They all are on top of their game and communicate to staff pretty well.

The physical and speech therapists all spent extra time needed with Bob and explained in detail to us what they are looking for and expect. The information they provided explained a lot and put us at ease.

The volunteers are just amazing sweet people, making sure everyone has a soda and knows where to go. They also stock up rooms for the nurses and change out flowers daily.

Today Bob is going into hospice care, he decided the fight is over. His wife is with us her family, and he will be with his parents and brother soon.

By blood By marriage By luck no matter what. We are family.

Thank you everyone who cared for Bob!




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