South Mountain, a Hike with your Car

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​Maybe you have family in town for the holidays and they didn’t bring hiking gear?  Maybe you are unable to actually hike because of health? Maybe you are just having a lazy day but want to go have a moment of reflection usually held at the end of a hike?

I often stumble on things in my day to day life and the North side of South mountain is something I stumbled on recently.  I drive all over the valley and when I saw the road going up and up and well you get the picture.  I decided I should see where it leads. Though I have been in some homes with views that can compete with these, these views are free and accessible by everyone. 

I wish I had brought my Nikon to get better photos to really show you the view. Maybe I can make a trip before the end of the year with my wife and get some great shots. Enjoy the short video and a photo from Dobbins Lookout, one of the many lookouts on the drive.  

Learn more here at the Link to South Mtn website

Casey G​




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