Hello.  My name is Casey G.

I am a Father, Husband, Son, and a Realtor here in Arizona.  To be specific I live in Gilbert Arizona, which is a little South East of Phoenix.  I moved here in 1993 for school and after a little time started my family.  My 2 amazing daughters (Jasmine 20, Taylor 15) are the best choices I ever made in my life, they constantly make me proud with choices they make and the futures I see them building for themselves.  I often wish I had the drive, maturity, and brains that they have when I was that age.  But at 41, better late than never I say.

Jasmine is about to graduate from Grand Canyon University with her Elementary Education Bachelors, she is going to be molding young mines while it is still possible.  Taylor is a Jr in High School and plans to be in Sports Medicine, so look for her to be taping up Steph Curry in the future.

As a husband I am very lucky to have found my amazing wife Virginia.  She has a heart of gold and isn’t happy unless she is taking care of us all.  She does so much and spoils us with amazing home cooked meals almost every night. I met her on Match.com and in no time she stole my heart, and I asked her to marry me which I vowed never to do again.  But, who knows where life will take us.

This April I drove to Arkansas and picked up my mom and her husband Bob to bring them back to AZ to live with us.  This move was a few years in the making and my mom was finally able to make it happen with a little prodding of Bob.  Mom has an auto immune disease call Sjogren’s  ( https://www.sjogrens.org/ ) that basically causes her day to day life to be constant pain.  She has lost all her hearing so we mostly communicate through lip reading and text, we are hoping that Cochlear implant is able to help her hear in the near future.  Bob has his own fun issues, diabetes (caused one leg amputation), chronic heart failure, and very low energy. We brought them under our roof to help my mom with taking care of Bob and so she can focus on herself a little more.

On top of the full house of humans we have 2 dogs Kya (female 1 yr old) Keto (male 2 months old) and a cat Biscuit (male 13 yrs old).  Having all this in one house we decided to start a youtube channel.  “Life With the Galloway’s” and we started sharing our lives with everyone and slowly growing that into more.

Thanks for checking out my blog DoingAZ.com where its a little about my family and a lot about what there is to do in AZ and how we do it.


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